Netscape Founder Backing Browser Upstart

Paul Lilly

If you've been surfing long enough to remember the heated browser battle between Netscape and Internet Explorer, then you also remember how Microsoft buried its competitor in the ground, unfairly some would claim. Netscape isn't making a come back, but its developer, Marc Andreessen, is barging back into the browser scene by backing a start-up called RockMelt, a company determined to build a new browser.

"We have backed a really good team," Andreessen said in an interview.

According to The New York Times , Andreessen isn't yet ready to elaborate on the project, but he did suggest the new browser would be unlike any that are currently available.

"There are all kinds of things that you would do differently if you are building a browser from scratch," Andreessen added.

RockMelt appears to be a good fit for Andreessen. The company was founded by Eric Vishria and TimHowes, both of which held executive spots at Opsware, a company Andreessen co-founded before selling off to HP for a cool $1.6 billion. Howes also was part of the Netscape team.

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Image Credit: Flickr mathoov

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