Netgear Announces Raft of New Networking Products at CES

Michael Brown

Netgear announced several new Wi-Fi routers and power-line networking devices at CES, including the successor to our current best-of-the-best pick,  the WNDR3700.

Netgear is transitioning to a new model numbering scheme, so the new flagship is labeled the N600 Premium Edition but it’s also known as the WNDR3800. The N600 adds a number of features, including a much-improved user interface, a ReadyShare remote access feature that enables you to access attached USB storage devices from anywhere you have broadband access, Apple Time Machine compatibility for Macintosh backups, and DLNA certification. The router comes with 16MB of Flash memory and 64MB of RAM.

Netgear's new N600 router (aka the WNDR3800) is the successor to our best-of-the-best pick, the kick-ass WNDR3700.

Netgear also announced its first 450Mb/sec router, the N750 (aka the WNDR4000). This is also a dual-band model, but it will deliver 450Mb/s speed on only radio; the other will deliver a more conventional 300Mb/sec throughput.

But Netgear might have gone too far in simplifying its model numbers, because there are now two model N600 routers. The N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL Modem Router integrates, as its name implies, an ADSL modem into the same chassis as the router. But this might be more of an OEM play, since most consumers get their ADSL modems from their service provider.

The new N750 (aka the WNDR4000) is Netgear's first router to deliver 450Mb/sec throughput, but it does so on only one of its two radios.

On the power-line front, Netgear’s new model N300 router combines a single-band Wi-Fi router with 200Mb/sec Powerline AV to reach deadspots that the wireless radio can’t reach (although you’ll need power-line adapters at the client location for this to work). Meanwhile, Netgear’s new Internet Adapter for Home Theater kit (model number XAVB5004) promises to deliver throughput of 500Mb/sec using your existing electrical wires. It consists of a one-port adapter that connects your router to your home’s wiring and a four-port adapter that connects your Internet-ready TV, Blu-ray player, gaming console, or other device.

The N300 (aka WNXR2000) is a hybrid router that combines Wi-Fi and power-line networking.

Editor's note, 1/10/10: We updated the story to report the correct model number. Thanks to our readers for pointing out the typo. --mb

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