Netflix Tests $6.99 Standard Definition Single Screen Plan



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As a former Netflix user I miss the old pricing scheme before it went up to $8.99 a month. We switched to Amazon Prime despite the smaller selection and far clunkier interface. It's not much cheaper at $6.59 per month but why pay the extra couple bucks a month when we are not able to consume all that extra content? :P

The SD plan also makes sense for folks using a Nintendo Wii and/or 3DS to stream Netflix.



I think Netflix is trying like crazy to boost their bottom line. I get it - businesses need to grow, but this is kinda ridiculous. Dropping the price a dollar in order to prevent their overhead from going up as fast as it probably has. I'm cool with SD content for the most part, especially with phones (since I think we've gotten pretty spoiled with our HD content, and on a phone, does it really matter?) I just think that, for the decrease in what Netflix would have to provide a customer, it's a rip off compared to the 7.99 plan. That's just me though. Now if they upped the streaming library, increased the normal streaming price, and THEN had a 6.99 option, that would probably make more sense. But I don't think they are going to attract anymore customers with this, and I'm personally not going to waste my time switching to the low end option to save a buck a month.



Who's so poor they cannot afford 8 dollars a month for discs or streaming? 7 and 8, such a small difference.



See I was a fan of the the 6.99 option until I heard it was SD only. I have Netflix and it gets used regularly, but never on 2 devices at the same time. I was interested in downgrading to the 6.99 plan until I heard that. I will just stick with what I have now.



Why would anyone settle for SD-only streaming? I can understand the one-screen limitation but SD? Even my aged smartphone has a much higher resolution than that.

SD hasn't been acceptable since the days of DOS when we thought 640*480 was good because we didn't know any better lol.



I want physical disks too. I have TWC Turbo 30/5M plan and it can't keep up with streaming needs of any kind. So sick of TWC and their crappy internet. And they've been out more then a dozen times and just blame it on every other service out there. I can't stream from anything.

I was a blockbuster member till they recently shut it down, thinking of going back to Netflix BluRay service...



what's news to me is that I could watch Netflix in 2 devices at the same time with the standard subscription



Single People will love this plan! But I prefer actually getting discs in the mail. The Video Quality is way better on a BR Disc than their streaming. Nothing irks me more than compression artifacts.



The number of available titles is tremendously better with discs, as well. Netflex, presently, has an abysmal streaming library - only very slightly better than Amazon's free selection.