Netflix Taps Charter as Best Streaming ISP, Clearwire Dead Last



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if only I had more Internet Service Providers in my region. Its either Clear or CableOne, both suck. Does anyone know how to figure out if there's any other ISP's in a particular region?



I was told last week from a charter employee that comcast is buying charter. I asked a family member who has worked for comcast for 20 years ( well most of that was when they were a local company) and she said it was pretty much true but wondered how I knew ( so shh don't tell). So, there goes my great connection ;-)


on a side note, I use netflix and I have always had great picture quality and streaming performance with charter.





It's a bit rediculous how a massive company like Comcast is allowed to spread and eat up all the competition. Charter is big in my area and one of the few good ISP's that are left.



It's super helpful for Netflix to make this chart! Although Clearwire is "last," it is the only wireless ISP that will allow user to take Netflix with them.. whereever they want in 4G coverage! Check out Clear's response blog post:

Cecile at CLEAR


Renaissance 2K

You know, if you guys spent nearly as much money on infrastructure as you did on advertising and social networking, you may not need to throttle as much as you do.

I get one or two days of sensational streaming from Clear.  After that, it's buffer-stream-buffer-stream-buffer-stream... I buffer so much, I forget what I'm watching sometimes.

I don't care that Clear is the only ISP that lets you stream in 4G on the go.  Mobility means nothing when I've signed up for home Internet.  It's either you guys or Comcast, and I'm contributing a cent to their quest for world domination.



Stream more than a movie or two and your bandwidth will be throttled. After "Bandwidth shaping" Netflix still works, but at the lowest possible quality. Many complain about this in the Clear forums. Just think, if they didn't do this, Clear probably would have ranked much higher on the list.

I also find it funny that they often compare themselves to a "wireline" ISP but are now doing an about face to that!



Articles like this make me even more worried about companies like Verizon getting net neutrality appealed. I doubt it will happen but can you imagine if the ISP's start limited or bottle necking traffic from sites like Netflix? They'd probably force Netflix to pay for higher speed connections which ups the cost to stream movies. I'm sure the cost would end up trickling down to your monthly bill.



I use Charter for streaming netflix pretty much everyday. Even though I'm right on the edge of their area I still get excellent speeds.



I have charter and netflix works fine. I pay for 8 down, 1 up and I get 16 down and 2 up. I'm soo happy with Charter. 



First, check out this little excerpt from an email Charter sent me yesterday:

"Hold on to your mouse! We're about to introduce you to a radically different online experience – new Charter Internet™ Ultra60. With speeds up to 60Mbps, it's our fastest Internet yet. Now available in your neighborhood!"


I'm in the St Louis MO area.  I've been a charter customer for 10+ years.  I'm on a 16mbps plan right now and its throughput is good, even during peak evening hours (yes, cable will slow down when everyone connected to your node is online.  So expect overall throughput to dip somewhat on weekday evenings).  10 or so years ago they were trying to push way too much data over a very outdated infrastructure.  Video on demand over lines that were set in the 1970's just didn't work.  But over the past few years they've put huge $$$ into upgrades, and I must say, its paying off.  I can't imagine being stuck with DSL... it would just kill me!  I'm so bandwidth spoiled :) 



I agree with jaygregz I made it a point to move to where I could get charter, going from paying 50ish for 1meg speed to paying under 50 for 20 meg speed that has never slowed down was amazing, I can not praise charter enough for my internetz speed.



I can vouch for the quality of the streams from Netflix using Charter. At the risk of hexing the whole thing, I have to say that I've noticed a vast improvement in quality in the last few months, here in Reno, NV. I am currently subscribed to Charter's 8Mb service. Coincidentally, after I upgraded to that speed, I noticed how good the streaming service from Netflix was!



It's a bit surprising that Verizon scored where it did. I would have figured its FiOS service would have made it rank fairly high. My guess is that it's DSL service may have bogged down the score.



Yeah I was thinking they seemed low.  You make a good point that they probably put dsl and FiOS in one bucket.  I would like the see that broken out, but I don't know that Netflex could do that (maybe if the customers told them what they used).



I have charter and it's actually been an incredible isp. Aside from the occasional "stop being a pirate" message and them calling me to try to get me to bundle tv and homephone with my internet, I haven't had any problems. My ups and downs are better than advertised. I also haven't experienced any problems with bandwidth throttling. My speed is the same during peek hours and during off peek. This is saying a lot considering all of the other ISPs I've had. When I lived in Austin, Tx Time Warner Cable was really bad about not giving you the speeds they were advertising. Also with all of the congession it seemed like my bandwidth really took a hit during peek hours. I had sprint when living in in San Diego... I wouldn't even recommend them to someone who is upgrading from a 56k modem. I paid 50 a month for poop. That's really one of the unfortunate things about ISP providers. Most of the time you don't get to pick them.. they sort of pick you. Where I currently live I can either have Charter or ATT. I took the obvious pick being Charter because ATT's crapnet isn't worth talking about.