Netflix Begins Streaming in 4K Ultra HD, Rolls Out $1 Price Hike for New Subscribers



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Great, so let's charge more, and add a service that almost no one can take advantage of because of low market penetration and data caps.



I don't even remember there being a HD option when I watched Breaking Bad Season 1 on Netflix. The quality was abhorrent, truly sub-DVD. Now it is going to be in 4K?

I use a fair number of paid streaming services and, for the same native HD content, their putative "720" and "1080" streams look like crap (in some cases, like upscaled DVDs) when compared to the blurays. 4K over Netflix has to look awful.



^this so much

1920x1080 upscaled to 4k is still 1920x1080. Copying the same pixel four times doesn't mean the ammount of detail you get is any greater. I've got a buddy that just got a 1080p TV to replace his old "HD compatible" flat-screen he got years ago, and he keeps raving about how much better his 360 games look. I guess it's better just to let some people live in blissful ignorance.



The lack of a decent HD selection on Netflix is why I don't have a subscription with them. Typical business attitude. Let's raise the price and then add the content. Well I am one consumer that votes with my wallet. You show me the content and then I will subscribe.



Lack of HD? Almost everything I watch on Netflix is in HD...



I don't understand this decision. Why spend resources providing service for a device which has only a tiny fraction of a percent of market penetration at best? This is doubly true when your library of regular definition streaming content is rapidly falling below the "satisfactory" threshold. Think of a show, look it up on Netflix. There's a high likelihood it is only available via snailmail, if at all. This is not tracking with their well-advertised business model of "everything streaming by 2020."



Too true. My experience with Netflix was "look for what I want to watch, find that it isn't there, scrounge through their meager streaming selection for something that sounds mildly interesting and settle for watching it instead of what I originally wanted to watch."

My experience with the snailmail for more recent stuff was that I got scuffed up copies of bare-bones (no extras, unskippable ads, barely any disc menu) rental discs.


The Mac

The reality is, in order the have "all the shows" they are going to have to shell out some serious coin.

$8.99 would be cheap in comparison.

It would be like paying the cable bill again.

Obviously the content providers want it that way to preserve their antiquated financial models.