Netflix to Stream Premium Content from Starz Network, Wins My Heart


Let me just say it: I love Netflix. Sometimes I feel like we don't even deserve to be together. Tempted by Blockbuster's in-store exchange policy, I left Netflix behind for a steamy, yet ultimately short lived affair. It all came to a screeching halt when Blockbuster changed the rules of our relationship, demanding more of my money for less of its features.

Since then, I've rekindled my relationship with Neflix, who welcomed me back with open arms, and the thrill of unlimited in-store DVD exchanges on the cheap is nothing more than a memory of broken promises. I'm fully committed to Netflix now, and by all accounts, it appears Netflix is fully committed to me.

The online rental service made a strong bid for the hearts of movie watchers like myself first by keeping prices reasonable and, for the most part, stagnant. But that hasn't stopped Netflix from offering more of itself, making me fall even more in love. Every plan, save for the bottom of the barrel $4.99 subscription, now comes with unlimited time for watching streaming movies, and it's not even restricted to my PC. Rather than nickel and dime me with a 'nominal' monthly fee, I can slap an affordable $99 Roku player into my home theater and stream content to my HDTV.

But it gets even better. Netflix tells me that if I'm willing to wait until late fall, I won't even have to buy a third-party player. Instead, my favorite online rental site has cozied up to my favorite gaming console, and I'll soon be able to stream content with my Xbox 360. Does Netflix know me or what?

Like all relationships, I'm not without complaints. I often long for the excitement of an expanded catalog and Netflix just can't give that to me. Downloadable movies and TV shows are often dated ,and if I want to watch something current, I've learned to keep my queue updated.

Netflix knows this, and rather than convince me to love it for who it is, my beloved rental service has promised to change (again), for the better. More than lip service, Netflix has went and teamed with Starz, instantly adding about 2,500 movies and concerts, including first run "premium" content!

"Beginning today, Netflix and Starz Play will offer a sneak preview of the first full episode of “Crash” in advance of the Starz primetime premiere on October 17 at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. “Crash” will remain a staple in the Starz Play programming mix and new episodes will debut day-and-date with new episode premieres."

Anyone else in love with Netflix the way I am?

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