Netflix Testing New Kid-Friendly UI

Ryan Whitwam

Tech-savvy parents know there is a lot of kid-friendly content on Netflix. The only problem is that many young ones lack the reading ability or manual dexterity to navigate to the shows themselves. Enter the Netflix “ Just for Kids ” section. This new UI is being previewed for some users already, but the company hasn't said anything about it.

The entire UI of this section is different from the rest of Netflix. Right at the top are pictures of various popular characters like Hello Kitty and Big Bird. The kids can click on one to pull up all the TV and movie content that has them in it. These pages are heavy on screenshots and short on wordy descriptions.

There are also some suggestion specially tailored to kids on the main page. Netflix has not said what its plans are for this UI. It might be a preliminary test and we’ll never see this again. Or this could be the first phase in a surprise feature rollout.

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