Netflix Picks Up CBS Streaming Deal

Ryan Whitwam

CBS has been notable in the last few years for their almost complete lack of streaming content deals. But today Netflix and CBS have announced that they have entered into a two-year deal that will bring a large swath of CBS content to Netflix Instant Streaming. Hulu users will still be left out in the cold by CBS however.

The deal will go into effect in April with streaming titles like Star Trek, Flashpoint, and Frasier. CBS, knowing their audience, did point out that all version of Star Trek will be on streaming. Great news for anyone that grew up on The Next Generation. The entire breadth of the streaming offerings we not outlined, but some newer shows like the Hawaii 5-0 reboot are likely to be left out.

We'd like to see more top tier shows on Instant Streaming, but Netflix often content owners unwilling to cooperate. Would you pay more for Netflix if you were guaranteed more streaming options?

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