Netflix Original Content Kicks off in February with "Lillyhammer"

Ryan Whitwam

Come next month, Netflix will officially be in the original content game with the premier of its first series , Lillyhammer . The show stars Sopranos alum Steven Van Zandt as a former mobster in witness protection. Van Zandt’s character is moved to Lillehammer, Norway, and as you can imagine, shenanigans ensue.

The first season will consists of eight episodes, with airing beginning on February 6th in the US, Canada, and Latin America. The series will only be available via streaming, not through the DVD by mail service. A seconds season has reportedly already been planned. Netflix last spring announced that it had acquired the rights to House of Cards , a remake of the 90s UK miniseries. This Kevin Spacey project is expected to arrive in late 2012.

Netflix has also begin work on a new season of the cult comedy Arrested Development . It’s distribution mechanism means that programs don’t need to deliver huge numbers weekly to remain successful, and if Netflix ever does run into cash-flow issues, there’s always money in the banana stand.

Trailer can be viewed here .

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