Netflix Makes Another Studio Deal for More Streaming, Longer Disc Waits

Ryan Whitwam

Netflix is in the process of transitioning from a disc-based business, to streaming-based one. That much is clear from their recent content deals with the likes of Time Warner and Fox that get the service more content for online streaming. In exchange, Netflix abides by a 28 day window before they can have access to physical discs. Now it looks like another studio is taking Netflix up on that offer. Sources indicate that Sony has agreed to a similar deal.

Neither side is talking, but the details seem solid enough. Both sides in the deal are getting what they want. Studios get longer to push physical disc sales, and Netflix moves ahead with the streaming business that will carry them into the future. In addition to the 28 day waiting period, Netflix also pays less for the right to rent. Considering most consumers don't track release dates for discs, we think this is a pretty good deal. Would this change your rental habits?

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