Netflix Licenses More TV Streaming Content

Ryan Whitwam

Netflix announced today that they have acquired streaming licenses to a plethora of ABC and Disney owned TV shows. The entire run of Lost will be available, and will popular programs like Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. For the younger crowd, Netflix is also getting access to many Disney channel shows. New episodes of many of these shows will be available on Netflix 15 days after their original airing. That might sound a little lengthy, but nothing compared to the DVD-length waits many series carry.

It is unclear if Netflix is paying anything approaching the $100,000 per episode rumored last week. We would imagine not, as ABC and Disney have been more receptive to streaming deals with the company before. It's good to see a new range of content hitting the service, and we can only hope that more companies get on board with streaming. Check out the press link to see the full list of new additions. Anything there look particularly interesting to you? Well, other than the Hannah Montana -wait, we mean action movies, manly action movies.

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