Netflix Integrating with Facebook, but Not in US

Ryan Whitwam

As part of the Facebook F8 conference, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings took a break from sawing his company in two in order to announce Netflix integration on the massive social network. Users will be able to share their Instant Streaming picks with friends automatically, but there’s just one problem. US users won’t be getting access to the feature due to a law from the 1980s.

Netflix integration will be coming to 44 countries in the near future, but the only hope US consumers have is a change to the law. The legislation passed over 20 years ago made it illegal for a person’s video rental history to be disclosed. This came after Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork saw his video rental history leaked. The rules outlined were so vague that it can be taken to cover modern streaming content as well.

Only users that connect to Facebook with Netflix will have their movie selections pop up for other Netflix users in their friends list to consider. Congress is currently muling H.R. 2471, which would amend the law to allow this kind of Netflix-style Facebook integration with user consent. For the time being, US video watchers will have to bug their friends manually.

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