Netflix Instant Streaming Heads to Canada, Pretty Cool, Eh?

Paul Lilly

In addition to free healthcare, Newegg, and some of the best bacon in the world, Canada now has access to Netlfix's streaming service, the online movie rental company announced.

"Jessie Becker here, delighted to tell you that today our neighbors to the north (or 'neighbours,' to use the Canadian spelling) can instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes from Netflix to TVs and computers for only CDN$7.99 a month," Jessie Becker, of Head of Marketing, Netflix, announced in a blog post .

This marks the first time Netflix has ventured outside of the U.S, and depending on how things go, more territories are likely to follow.

"For now, we're focused on Canada," Reed Hastings, CEO, Netflix, said. "If we succeed in Canada, we will certainly look at other markets.

Hastings said "Western Europe, Latin America, Asia, or Russia" could all be future destinations, adding "It's unlikely to be Africa, but other than that, all continents are open."

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