Netflix Gets Busy Streaming 4K Content to Compatible TVs

Paul Lilly

Slowly but surely, Netflix is adding 4K streams to its catalog

It's probably still a bit early to pick up a 4K television, and due to the buggy nature of some 4K monitors, the same can be said of those panels, too. Nevertheless, if you're an early adopter who made the jump into 4K waters in your living room, there's some additional content you might now be able to swim with. Netflix has begun rolling out some of its content in 4K -- namely, the House of Cards original series and some nature documentaries.

Netflix said last year that it was planning to make 4K streams available, and now it's made good on that promise. According to CNET , the streams only work on 2014 model 4K televisions that have a built-in H.265/HEVC decoder. The good news there is that the requirement covers most of the major brand TVs announced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, which are now shipping.

Unfortunately, owners of 2013 model 4K TVs are out of luck. CNET says the same will be true of upcoming 4K streams from Amazon, Comcast, Fox, and others, all of which will come out this year.

There are other growing pains to contend with. In addition to compatibility concerns, viewers are noticing signs of compression on their 15.6Mbps streams. Some have even said that 1080p streams look better - go figure.

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