Netflix (Finally) Supports Honeycomb Tablets

Brad Chacos

As we mentioned in our Netflix vs. Amazon Prime head to head a week or so back, Netflix supports virtually every device you can buy on the market these days. Part of the reason for that “virtually?” Honeycomb tablets. Sure, you could make some minor tweaks to get it up and running on your Android 3.x tablet, but officially, Netflix supported Android 2.2 and 2.3 only. Up until today, that is; an upgrade to the Android app has officially de-shunned Honeycomb users, Canadians and viewers from Latin American countries.

"We are excited to now offer the Netflix service on tablets running Android 3.x and are thrilled to offer our members in Canada and Latin America another way to enjoy TV episodes and movies streaming from Netflix," Greg Peters, Netflix’s VP of product development, said in the company’s press release . "With the added support for Android-powered devices, Netflix members have greater flexibility than ever in watching TV episodes and movies wherever and whenever they want."

The Honeycomb supporting version of the app is already up on Android Market . You’ll still need an $8 streaming Netflix subscription to take advantage of all the on-demand movie goodness, of course.

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