Netflix Expected to Acquire Streaming Rights to DreamWorks Animation Catalog

Ryan Whitwam

We know that a lot of you are mighty sore about the recent hike in Netflix rates, but according to sources, they’re putting that money to use. Netflix has reportedly worked out a deal with DreamWorks Animation to get the studio's films on the Internet company’s streaming service.

Interestingly, DreamWorks currently has a distribution deal with HBO that is not set to expire until 2014. It is rumored that HBO is willing to end that deal two years early. HBO has apparently already acquired the content deals necessary to replace the two animated features they got per year from DreamWorks. This means that the DreamWorks catalog of movies could show up on Netfix in just a few months.

Netflix and DreamWorks are not talking, but that’s no great surprise at this point. Netflix is about to announce quarterly profits today. Expect this to be one of many new streaming deals announced as Netflix continues to shift away from discs.

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