Netflix Customers Charged Past 1 Billion Hours of Streaming Video in June

Paul Lilly

Netflix is home to the first three seasons of Sons of Anarchy, as well as all eight seasons and 249 episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, named after the main character who would go on to star in Matlock and, unfortunately, just recently passed away (R.I.P. Andy Griffith). The point being, there's a healthy selection of streaming content available on Netflix, and subscribers consumed 1 billion hours worth of it in the month of June.

"Congrats to Ted Sarandos, and his amazing content licensing team. Netflix monthly viewing exceeded 1 billion hours for the first time ever in June," company CEO Reed Hastings posted to Facebook. "When House of Cards and Arrested Development debut, we'll blow these records away. Keep going Ted, we need even more!"

That works out to about 38 hours/month per subscriber, up from an estimated 28 hours in December, the Associated Press reports . It's also indicative that any ill will (on the consumer side) still lingering from the proposed Qwikster spinoff last year has mostly subsided, though the company's $72.04 share price is still well below its peak of $305 last July.

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