Netflix Beefs Up Streaming Library with Miramax Deal

Brad Chacos

Remember the world before Netflix and Tivo? The Dark Ages back when you had to actually leave your house to rent a video? Don't think too hard – it wasn't pleasant for us, either.

The newly announced deal between Miramax and Netflix is sure to bring smiles to all of us who try to avoid the sun as much as possible. The deal works out for everybody: Netflix gets an extensive collection of top-tier movies, Miramax gets tons of cash and exposure, and we get to stream "The English Patient" directly into our living rooms. And oh yeah, a bunch of cool flicks like "Clerks," "Kill Bill" and "Sin City."

The deal could net Miramax as much as $100 million, according to people in the know. As mind-staggeringly large a number as that is, it could have been bigger. Netflix offered Miramax even more for an exclusive deal, but Miramax wants to be able to offer its movies to other digital distribution channels.

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