Netflix and Verizon Spar Over Low Quality Video Streams

Paul Lilly

Netflix gets snarky, Verizon gets serious

After reluctantly inking a multi-year agreement with Comcast to ensure that its video streams reach customers without a degradation in quality, Netflix probably isn't all that gung-ho to pay what it feels would be another extortion fee, this time to Verizon. Instead, Netflix has been showing Verizon customers a somewhat snarky message blaming the ISP for low-quality video streams , and Verizon is none-too-happy about it.

"The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting video for smoother playback...," the message reads when buffering and lower-quality video streams are necessary on Verizon's network.

Pictures of the message have been making the rounds on Twitter, but Verizon isn't amused, to put it lightly. Verizon fired back with a cease and desist letter demanding that Netflix stop its shenanigans by removing the notices.

"We further demand that within five days from the date of this letter that Netflix provide Verizon with any and all evidence and documentation that it possesses substantiating Netflix’s assertion to Yuri Victor [the journalist who first tweeted an image of Netflix's message] that his experience in viewing a Netflix video was solely attributable to the Verizon network, and that Netflix also provide a list of all Netflix customers … to whom Netflix has delivered such messages," the letter reads, according to Recode .

Netflix issued a statement on the matter through spokesman Jonathan Friedland. He said, "This is about consumers not getting what they parid for from their broadband provider. We are trying to provide more transparency, just like we do with the ISP Speed Index, and Verizon is trying to shut down that discussion."

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