Netflix and DreamWorks Sign Multi-Year Pact, Kung Fu Panda Coming in...2013?

Paul Lilly

Netflix is in desperate need of positive PR, and that's exactly what the streaming service is getting after signing a multi-year deal with DreamWorks to receive exclusive access to first-run films and select TV shows. And according to a report in The New York Times , Netflix even edged out HBO to secure the deal, which ranks as the first time a major Hollywood studio shunned pay television in favor of Internet streaming. Ready for the wet blanket?

While all that sounds awesome, the deal doesn't go into effect until 2013. Yes, the same 2013 that's more than a year away, and not the one where we come back and say, 'Oops, that was a typo -- we meant to say 2012!' That puts a damper on things, does it not?

In any event, starting in 2013, new DreamWorks Animation flicks will be available for Netflix subscribers to watch instantly. Meanwhile, popular movies like Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar 2, Chicken Run, Antz, and others will stream through Netflix and be made available "over time."

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