Netflix and Cable Companies May Find Common Ground

Paul Lilly

The modern day odd couple

Cable companies have been at odds with Netflix and similar services that may be stealing customers away, but all that could change in short order. Apparently Netflix is in discussions in with at least two pay television providers about a deal that would make the streaming service available as an app integrated into set-top boxes. Netflix isn't going anywhere, so perhaps it's in everyone's best interest if the two sides bury the hatchet.

According to The Wall Street Journal , Netflix is currently in discussions with Comcast and Suddenlink Communications. If the talks go anywhere, it would be the first time Netflix and cable companies have together in a deal in the U.S., though the streaming service did strike a similar agreement in the U.K. with Virgin Media.

One of the negotiating points holding up a deal is that Netflix wants the cable companies to take on its streaming technology to improve the delivery of streaming video. Up to this point, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon have all refused to adopt the technology for fear of other online services asking for special treatment.

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