Netbooks to Ship with HDMI in 2011

Paul Lilly

The typical netbook is missing a lot of things -- power, optical drives, oodles of storage, more than 2GB of RAM, gaming grade graphics (Nvidia's ION platform notwithstanding) -- but one thing you will find on the netbooks of tomorrow is an HDMI port.

We're talking about HDMI on pretty much all netbooks, not just those built around Nvidia's ION platform. Slapping an HDMi port on the side is part of Intel's push to expand the functionality of this market segment, which will coincide with the Cedar Trail-M platform launch in the second half of 2011.

A good thing too, because today's standard netbooks are ill-equipped to handle HD content, which makes an HDMI port a mostly non-issue. But with Cedar Trail-M, tomorrow's netbooks will boast full HD support and be up to the task of driving content on your HD television.

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