Netbook Makers Prepping Upgrade to Atom N455

Paul Lilly

Intel hasn't officially launched its new Atom N455 and N475 processors, but that hasn't stopped some eager vendors from letting the cat out of the bag. One of those is Toshiba Japan, which earlier today posted a product page for the new NB305-10F netbook before quickly pulling it offline.

According to the spec sheet, the new model is largely unchanged from the original NB305, save for the faster processor (1.66GHz) and 1GB of DDR3 RAM.

Over at Amazon Germany, the same processor is being flaunted in a couple of new HP Mini 210 netbooks available in black or silver. The 10.1-inch machines are slated to arrive in 3-4 weeks and boast the same Atom N455 processor as the above Toshiba, 1GB of DDR3 memory, Intel GMA 3150 graphics, and a 250GB hard drive.

Image Credit: Toshiba via

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