Net Applications Analytics Show Users Still Hanging On to Windows XP

Brittany Vincent

Users still aren't upgrading to Windows 8

This seemed fairly apparent to all of us by now, but according to a Web analytics company (by way of PC World ), January made it fairly apparent that there's some stagnancy on users' ends when it comes to moving away from Windows XP or finally upgrading to Windows 8 . December saw Windows XP's user share plummet, while Windows 8's user share tended to rise.

Net Applications' data noted that Windows XP found an increase in its user share by an entire quarter of a percentage point in January, growing instead of shrinking as you might think, since the operating system is 13 years old by now. While computer users should for all intents and purposes be looking to the future (namely, Windows 8), it still appears that Windows XP users make up a third (32 percent) of Windows PCs. That's a staggering amount, considering the many times Microsoft has reached out to PC owners that they need to upgrade before pulling the plug on support for security flaws in the OS.

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