Nehalem's New Brand Name Becomes Official


Rumors don't always turn out to be true, particularly in the tech wolrd, but that's not the case with last week's chatter regarding Nehalem's name change. Intel has since made it official , formerly branding the new architecture "Intel Core processor." Also true to rumor, the first products to come out of Santa Clara on the new silicon will be dubbed Core i7, which the company says is the first of several new identifiers to come as different products launch over the next year.

"The Core name is and will be our flagship PC processor going forward," said Sean Maloney, Intel's general manager, Sales and Marketing Group. "Expect Intel to focus even more marketing resources around that name and the Core i7 products starting now."

Antsy upgraders can look for the new processors in the fourth quarter of this year, with Extreme Edition variants identifiable by a separate black logo.

Any thoughts on Intel's decision to keep the Core nomenclature?

Image Credit: Intel

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