Need Some Advice on Upgrades to Windows 7? Microsoft's Got Just the Thing

Maximum PC Staff

Even with all the hype over Windows 7‘s there seems to be a quiet under current of hesitance. Sure, the pundits and beta testers love it, but what about Joe Six-pack? Maybe he’s not yet convinced. To ease Joe’s concerns Microsoft is offering a Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor that can at least settle Joe’s fears his equipment is ready to go.

The Upgrade Advisor is a relatively useful tool. According to Microsoft’s Upgrade Advisor web page , the Advisor: “scans your hardware, devices, and installed programs for known compatibility issues, gives you guidance on how to resolve potential issues found, and recommends what to do before you upgrade.” This is a step above a more pedestrian version offered by Dell . Not only do you learn if your hardware is Windows 7 ready, but you get a run down on a lot of the little things that can cause grief during an upgrade: like software compatible and driver availability.

Taking the Advisor for a quick trip I learned that first you need to have .NET Framework installed (version 2 or higher). The Advisor is savvy enough to know if it’s installed, and if not offer to download and start the installation for you. On the two machines I’ve got, one running Windows 7 beta, the other XP, the Windows 7 machine is ready to go, almost.  The processor, memory, and hard drive are all sufficient. Aero support exists. But there’s a problematic Nvidia driver. Luckily, the Advisor tells me an update is available.

My second machine, running XP, is not so lucky. But I expected it wouldn’t be: its a MacBook Pro running XP under Boot Camp. According to the Advisor there are ‘issues,’ both hardware and software. I guess that upgrade will have to wait.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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