Need Natural GPU Performance Enhancement? Try AMD's Verdetrol

Brad Chacos

Have you ever taken a little pill to enhance your performance? Hey, not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter! We're talking about graphics card performance. AMD recently shipped a prescription bottle full of blue pills and hilarious dosing directions to reviewers in anticipation of the launch of a 1GHz video card -- presumably the Radeon HD 7700, which has had 1GHz clock speed rumors swirling around it for a while now. Are you ready for some "natural performance enhancement" for your PC?

There's another hint that the campaign is leading up to the release of the Radeon HD 7700; the code name for the 7700 is "Cape Verde," and the name of the fake performance boosting pills is "Verdetrol." Legit Reviews was sent a bottle and they report that the gag was very well done, with a dosage size of 1GHz, 28 doses in the bottle (for the 28nm manufacturing process -- get it?) and a prescription number of 1337-2012 for the Leet speakers in the house. For best results, take "1 tablet by fan intake four times daily."

AMD even went so far as to set up a Verdetrol website . The picture above is courtesy of LegitReviews; to see lots more -- including images of the hilarious warning labels -- head on over to the Verdetrol thread in the Legit Reviews forums .

"Man or woman, young or old, Verdetrol is the solution for anyone looking to get an edge when the heat is on!"

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