Need a Satellite Phone and Have $1,150? TerreStar Has You Covered

Ryan Whitwam

Cell coverage is lacking in a great many places even today. But if you're ready to pony up some cash, TerreStar is now willing to solve that problem by selling you the TerreStar Genius dual satellite/GSM cell phone , Engadget is reporting. This handset has a blackberry style portrait qwerty keyboard and clocks in at $1,149.99 direct to consumers. TerreStar is selling the devices to businesses for $800 a pop.

The Genius is a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone that supports AT&T's 3G bands for standard cell service, but it able to connect to satellites to place calls anyplace in North America. The phone's specs are about as old as the operating system it's running, so don't expect a snappy experience. Also of concern is that TerreStar is undergoing bankruptcy reorganization currently.

This is obviously not a phone for everyone, but a few travelers might find a use for it. As for the rest of us, it's really just a curiosity to stare at in bemused astonishment.

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