Need a No Cost Firewall? ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2012 Has Eyes in the Back of Its Head

Paul Lilly

Can you remember the last time you installed a third-party firewall? It was almost a necessity back when Windows XP was the latest and greatest consumer OS from Redmond, and as far as Check Point is concerned, there are still some big time benefits to be had from standalone firewalls like the new ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2012 the company just released.

This new version is compatible with any standalone antivirus package and offers two-way (inbound and outbound) protection against threats, Check Point says. It also has a redesigned UI that's purportedly easier to use, a faster install routine, identity theft protection, and an anti-phishing/site status toolbar.

"More than 200 million people today use free antivirus software, but they lack a strong two-way firewall, leaving their PCs vulnerable to online attacks," said Bari Abdul , vice president of consumer sales at Check Point Software Technologies. "Antivirus alone is not enough. It misses almost 30 percent of viruses, and it does not provide any protection against hackers. At a minimum, consumers need to strengthen their security by adding a strong, two-way firewall on top of their antivirus software. ZoneAlarm is offering an effective solution."

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2012 is available now in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Image Credit: Check Point Software Technologies

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