Need a New Pair of Shoes? Find an Old Circuit Board

Paul Lilly

Want to become an instant legend at the park? Master a killer crossover, bust your opponent's ankles, side-step behind the three-point line, and nail the trey. After it swishes through, flash a smirk at your defender and tell him, " it's the shoes " as you point at your custom kicks molded from an old circuit board. This works best if you're also sporting a Commodor 64 t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off.

Unfortunately, you'd probably end up thrashing the custom-made shoes the moment you stepped out on the concrete, but even if you can't wear them, we have to give props to modder shoe maker Gabriel Dishaw, who took an old circuit board and made a pair of "Nike Blazer Pentium 1.0" kicks. And the best news? This is apparently just the first pair of more to come as part of a series of classic sneakers. Rad.

Want to see more? Dishaw's posted a bunch of pics, which you can access here .

Image Credit: Gabriel Dishaw

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