Need a Job? Apple Now Hiring "Non Issue" (Antenna) Engineers

Paul Lilly

Steve Jobs might not want to acknowledge any design defects in the iPhone 4, who as far as we know still maintains that the reception issues some users are reporting amounts to a " non issue ," but several new job listings may tell a different story. Spreading like wildfire across the Internet, the Cupertino company is looking to hire three "Antenna Engineers," two "iPhone OTA Wireless Systems Engineers", and three "RF Systems Validation Engineers" for the iPhone.

Candidates hoping to score a position as an antenna engineer will have to " Define and implement antenna system architecture to optimize the radiation performance for wireless portable devices. The candidate should be able to design antennas suitable for wireless handheld devices with excellent radiation performance, including TRP, TIS, SAR, and EMC. Work closely with other RF and antenna design engineers, mechanical and industrial designers, and EMC engineers to integrate the antenna design in our products. The candidate will be expected to performance radiation performance measurements, create test plans, execute them, publish test reports, provide feedback to the other design engineers, and lead some of the manufacturing of antenna."

All three Antenna Engineer listings were posted on the same day that widespread reports began to surface of the left-handed reception issues. That could be a coincidence, or maybe it isn't such a "non issue" after all.

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