NEC Launches Eco-Friendly 27-inch QHD Display with IPS Panel



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IPS is good, but my next upgrade will have to be OLED.
Hopefully they start making those in the next couple of years.

As for this NEC - any word on how much RGB spectrum it covers, how uniform it is? Probably too early to have such data though.



I bought a IPS a few months back but Don't use it because of the black levels. The blacks are nice but in some games you can't see what you are doing it's too dark crushing blacks I guess they are called. So I'm back to my TN which has a faster response time.

Not sure if IPS tech has improved over the past few months would like to try a Ah-ips advanced high in plane switching monitor but I have my sight on a G-sync tech next year.

Unless we get the best of both worlds...



I've noticed some of this on my IPS, when in darker areas of Borderlands 2 or the much-despised "Mordor" map of MechWarrior Online. The issue is compounded a bit by the reflectivity of my IPS (which I opted for).

However, I cannot go back to my TN as that thing doesn't know what contrast is, the CCFL is much too dim and the image looks "fuzzy": the difference in image quality between my 1080 TN and my 1440 IPS with the 1080 blurays of Person of Interest is astounding, the 1440 monitor annihilates the 1080, despite the upscaling.

Your TN sounds vastly superior to mine, or any that I've used.



Fun fact: if it was made in China, then it's not Eco Friendly due to the vast amount of pollution that was dumped into the Environment when it was made. It does have nice specs tho.



No 10 bit goodness? I kinda expect that from an 800 dollar "professional grade" monitor.

This does seem to break all the "superstitions" about 1440 gaming LCDs, especially the "multiple inputs" one. BTW, why does a 1440 monitor even have VGA input? Why is it desirable to have a USB hub in one's monitor?

I can't believe that I used a TN, CCFL-lit LCD for so long. There's no going back from LED IPS.


John Pombrio

About the right price. I will not buy any LCD monitor that is not an IPS monitor. I am too spoiled.