NEC Working on Glasses-Free 3D Display


There's no escaping it - expect to see lots of buzz, hype, new products, and media coverage revolving around the recent push towards 3D. But what you may be able to avoid is having to wear goofy looking glasses as 3D becomes more commonplace, thanks to a new display technology NEC plans to introduce next year.

The technology manipulates the way light moves in each LCD pixel in such a way that the left and right eye will always see a different image without the aid of 3D glasses. NEC already plans to produce several new displays based on the new technology, starting with a 12.1-inch model. Smaller screens are also being planned for portable use, all of which promise to offer similar resolution to a standard 2D LCD monitor.

Outside of gaming and movies, NEC says its technology will benefit those in the medical and industrial design fields. One of the main selling points will be the lack of headaches and eye strain typically associated with current 3D technology.

Image Credit: Tomshardware

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