NEC, Intel, and Microsoft Form Super Friends Trio

Paul Lilly

In a joint statement, NEC, Intel, and Microsoft announced that the companies will enter into a strategic relationship -- can you guess why? If you said 'to provide digital signage to the global market,' then you're either clairvoyant or cheated and clicked on the link.

Intel and Microsoft were already best buds in this venture dating back to January 2010, and newcomer (to the team) NEC's role will be to "integrate solutions and services including content management and media distribution with the digital signage platform based on the Intel Core i5/i7 processor running Windows Embedded Standard 7."

That's all well and good, but when we first heard these three were teaming up, we kinda hoped it would have something to do with fast tracking USB 3.0 to the mainstream market. Silly us.

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