NEC and Lenovo Team Up to Launch Japan's Biggest PC Company

Paul Lilly

If PCs are dead (they're not), someone forgot to tell Japan. And NEC. And Lenovo. In a joint press release today, Lenovo and NEC announced the launch of NEC Lenovo Japan Group, a long winded name that now represents Japan's largest PC provider. Based on recent analyst figures, the group expects to control about 25 percent of Japan's PC market, poking its head into both the commercial/government sector and in consumer sales.

Lenovo says it's been engaged in "extensive talks" with NEC ever since the announcement of a possible joint venture was made back in January. Lenovo's CEO Yang Yuanqing says he "would like to stress again that we are fully committed to the Japanese market and we are determined to continue to lead the PC industry in Japan," but is also interested in "expand[ing] this strategic alliance beyond the PC business."

"With this alliance, both companies will continue to progress and be committed to Japanese PC users as well as contributing more to the growth of the PC market in Japan. We will also strengthen our efforts to achieve the No. 1 customer satisfaction for our quality, function and service. Furthermore, based on this strategic partnership, we will continue to discuss and assess new opportunities with this global partnership," stated Nobuhiro Endo, President of NEC.

Lenovo will wear the pants in this new relationship with a 51 percent stake, with NEC holding onto the remaining 49 percent.

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