Naughty 9-Year-Old Steals Teacher's Password, Probably Faces Detention


A 9-year-old student attending a Fairfax County Public School in Falls Church, Virginia, created quite the scare for his school district. Faculty thought it was the victim of a hacker attack after someone had been changing teacher passwords on the school district's Blackboard system.

Local police were called in to investigate, who then traced the incident to the home of a 9-year-old student. The kid didn't actually hack the system, but had simply swiped a teacher's password from a desk.

"This was a case where an hold of a teacher's password, and the passwords had administrative rights," said Paul Regnier, a school board spokesman.

The rebellious student used the administrative account to change enrollment lists and alter other teachers' passwords. Much to the student's chagrin, however, he wasn't able to alter grades or access other machines on the school's system.

"Nothing bad happened this time, but we have to make sure doesn't happen again," said Regnier.

Not writing down high-level passwords and putting them in an unlocked desk might be a start.

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