Native Gmail App Finally Headed To iOS?

Ryan Whitwam

Apparently the Gmail team has been hard at work on more than just the redesign. According to MG Siegler, Google has submitted a Gmail iPhone app to Apple for review. The lack of true Gmail support on the iOS platform has been a sore spot for users of the platform since it was released in 2007. Apparently, the wait is almost over.

Google has in the past developed solid mobile versions of its apps for use with iOS, but a native app could include extras like offline sync, priority inbox, and push notifications. Those that have used the app report that it works surprisingly well, and has a ton of features. Apple has occasionally given Google a hard time over it apps, for instance the Google Voice app which took Apple a year to approve.

Android has long been the home of the premium Gmail experience. It might speak to now confident Google in in Android’s future that it is willing to bring this killer feature to the iPhone. Do you think it’s a good move for Google?

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