National Emergency Alert System Fails Its First Test

Ryan Whitwam

The very first test of the National Emergency Alert System today, but it appears that the new high-tech system that was due to take over all the airwaves failed fairly spectacularly. At 2PM eastern time, the system was supposed to break into radio and all TV channels to ensure all the parts were working as expected. Instead, many regions didn’t get any alerts at all.

FEMA has said that it is still processing the results of the test and will have more information in a few weeks. Though, FEMA officials have conceded behind closed doors that there was a serious glitch resulting in a partial failure of the emergency alert system. Some early indications are that the satellite and cable operators had not properly prepared equipment.

This was just a test, and is presumably intended to uncover problems like this. Although this was the first test of the national system, and FEMA is likely going to have some explaining to do as they seek to fix the problem. maybe while they’re at it, adding a social media component to the National Emergency Alert System would make sense too. Did you see the test in your area?

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