Mysterious Computer Explosion Kills Programmer

Maximum PC Staff

A software engineer at Tata Consultancy Services was found dead in his apartment in Velachery, India late last Friday.

The engineer, Vijayakumar, was living in the apartment with two other roommates, Vignesh and Ram Prasad. The latter of the two was home during the accident, but was in another room at the time.

Vijayakumar’s body was found charred in a suspected computer blast, according to Police. “We are yet to ascertain the cause of the blast. The computer was completely damaged and the deceased was charred,” stated an official. “Ram Prasad had gone to take bath. He told us that suddenly he heard a blast and when he rushed out he saw the charred body of his friend and fainted. It sounds quite unbelievable. We have not heard of such a case before. But the scene of the accident seems to suggest that the youth was killed in an accident as his body was in the sitting position in front of the burnt computer.”

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