MySpace gets searchable, embeddable TV

Maximum PC Staff

Got a MySpace page? Like watching TV? Want others to know what you like to watch on TV? Then you’re in luck !

MySpace recently launched a widget that you can place directly on your profile page, aptly named, Primetime . Placing this on your page will allow you to provide all of the content from both MySpace and Hulu to the viewers of your glitter inspired profile.

While the widget does provide a snazzy built-in search, it is only available to users in the US. This likely due to licensing, but has a good chance of changing once the paperwork gets filled out (and who knows when that will be). Even still, most of the members of the social networking site won’t have any issues with that, given that 76 million of the 122 million MySpace users worldwide are within the United States.

So go! Enjoy full episodes of Family Guy and The Office! Just make sure that you let all your “friends” join in on the laughs as well.

Image Credit: MySpace

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