MySpace Confession: We've Been Sharing Your Data with Advertisers

Paul Lilly

MySpace has been forking over user data to advertisers that can potentially be used to identify user profile pages, but don't worry, MySpace says it isn't a problem, MSNBC reports. Huh?

Here's the deal. MySpace freely admits to sharing user data, such as user IDs and the last page visited, but doesn't consider the data to be information that could identify a person, in part because members of the social networking site aren't required to use their real names. As a modern day Spock would say, "This (bleep)ing (bleep) ain't logical."

Third party apps are participating in the data sharing frenzy too. MySpace shares user IDs with app developers but doesn't allow the data to go any further. That's all well and good if everyone plays fair, but that isn't always the case. MySpace recently had to (briefly) suspend an app called "Tagme" because of repeated violations to this policy, but was since reinstated because the developers "complied within a matter of hours."

Privacy has become an even hot topic (more so than usual) in the social networking space as of late. During a recent Wall Street Journal investigation, it was discovered that several popular apps on Facebook, including Farmville, were blatantly ignoring privacy settings and sharing user information without consent.

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