My Rig can Knife-Fight your Rig: Mod Shop Update!

Nathan Edwards

Fierce competition is the name of the game over at sister site Mod Shop ! If you haven't checked it out recently, now's the time - we're right on the cusp of the quarterfinal round, and the 16 - soon to be eight - rigs need your support!

Here's what I'm talking about - a steampunk Computational Engine vs. a Harley Davidson-inspired case mod. How can one possibly choose? One just has to. Flip a coin, or something.

In Mod Shop tournaments, like Thunderdome, two enter and one leaves. Which of these rigs better exemplifies the type of attention to detail, engineering prowess, imagination, and creative ability required to win the top prize (A copy of Windows Vista Ultimate and $1200, natch)?

Don't forget to vote in the seven other battles, either - you can vote on each battle once per day.

Your votes will make the difference.

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