Munk Bogballe Takes Luxury Laptop Concept to the Extreme

Paul Lilly

The first clue that Munk Bogballe's "Classic Bespoke" line of luxury laptops is meant for those with deep pockets was that it debuted at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow. Yeah, it's like that.

You'll need over $7,000 just to get started with a base configuration. For that kind of money, you get an aluminum chassis with leather accents, a mahogany screen frame, freshwater pearl on/off buttons, and plenty of gold sprinkled about.

Make no mistake, you're paying for what's on the outside and not the hardware within. That $7,000+ investment translates into an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and just 500GB of storage.

"Using classical materials such as leather, wood and precious metals the Munk Bogballe Classic Bespoke computers are produced and assembled in Denmark by a selection of highly skilled, seasoned craftsmen who appreciate the heritage and pursuit of excellence that characterizes the Danish design tradition," the company explains .

Each PC is made to order and ships with Windows 7 64-bit.

Image Credit: Munk Bogballe

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