Multitouch Gestures on Linux? You Betcha!


Linux gurus will talk all day about the security benefits of their open-source kernel over Microsoft's proprietary Windows platform, but can Linux do multitouch like Windows 7? Why yes, yes it can , though it takes a little handiwork on the part of the end user.

Most Linux distros don't yet support multitouch screens out of the box, but that doesn't matter, because France's ENAC Interactive Computing Lab has put together a video demonstrating multitouch on a PC running Fedora 12 on what looks to be be a 10-inch touchscreen display.

According to, it's made possible by combining the Linux kernel 2.6.31 with a modified version of 1.7. Sprinkle in supported hardware and drivers, and you suddenly have a Linux machine able to perform the same multitouch tricks as Windows 7.

Check out the video (complete with a groovy background tune) here .

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