Multiple Fingers Point To An April 23 Launch Date For Ivy Bridge

Brad Chacos

The next generation of GPUs is already here, and all signs point to the next generation of CPUs gearing up to join the party sooner rather than later. AMD's Trinity APUs aren't expected to drop until sometime in May, but we're hearing more details about Intel's Ivy Bridge launch. It's basically accepted as fact that the chips are shipping at the end of this month; now, a specific date has surfaced.

An inside source narrowed down that week-long window to a single day, CNET reports : April 23rd. A separate report from DigiTimes says the same thing. Quad-core chips are expected to be the first Ivy Bridge CPUs to roll out, followed by power-efficient mobile processors. All the usual suspects -- including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, and Asus -- are expected to unveil new or spit-shined laptops with Ivy Bridge CPUs starting in May.

Have you been living under a rock and now find yourself wondering what all the hub-bub is about? Check out some early benchmarks for the Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge proc .

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