MSI's Latest Twin Frozr II Card Gives Fermi the Chills

Paul Lilly

MSI this week went and launched a pair of new Fermi graphics cards -- N470GTX and N465GTX -- sporting the company's Twin Frozr II cooling solution.

The Twin Frozr II comes with a dual-fan design that blows cold air over "big size fins." Combined with five heat pipes that run through the heatsink, MSI says the Twin Frozr II is capable of reducing temps by as much as 16C over Nvidia's reference cooler, while at the same time dropping down noise levels by up to 21.5dB. In boxing, that would be the equivalent of a mean left hook followed by a vicious uppercut.

In addition to performance gains in both cooling and noise, MSI claims it's using "military class components" on its Twin Frozr II cards, including solid Hi-c capacitors with 8 times the normal lifespan and no buzz noise. That's another way of saying these cards should withstand the rigors of overclocking.

No word yet on price or availability.

Image Credit: MSI

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