MSI's GT660 Gaming Laptop Looks Hot, Inside and Out

Paul Lilly

We've seen a number of notebook releases carrying the 'gaming' moniker without the hardware to back it up. MSI's GT660 isn't one of them.

The most subtle thing about the GT660 is its name. Pop open the hood and you'll find an Intel Core i7 processor plopped into Intel's PM55 mobile chipset. Nvidia's GeForce GTX 285M with 1GB of dedicated memory pushes pixels across the 16-inch HD LED-backlit display. Memory and storage duties consist of three DDR3-1066/1333 memory slots and two 500GB SATA drives configured in a RAID 0 array. It even has not one, but TWO USB 3.0 ports, plus another two USB 2.0 ports for good measure. And finally, MSI is making much ado over the GT660's "high-fidelity surround sound from world-class sound system designer Dynaudio."

Other features include a sports car theme with a lid that resembles a car hood, "strategically placed ruby red LED lights that smolder to the sounds emitted by the laptop," color film print coating, and a turbo hotkey to initiate's MSI's Turbo Drive Engine+ technology, which gooses both the CPU and GPU, the first of its kind on a notebook, according to MSI.

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Image Credit: MSI

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