MSI's AfterBurner Graphics Overclocking App Now Available For iOS Devices

Brad Chacos

Overclocked graphics cards and Apple products; now there’s two things you won’t hear uttered in the same breath very often. You’re hearing it today though! Don’t bother looking out your window – pigs aren’t flying, the moon isn’t blue and Apple hasn’t spontaneously decided to let end users tweak their systems. Instead, MSI has brought its AfterBurner app to the iPhone and iPad. Overclocking has never been more convenient! Unless, of course, you already had the Android version, which has been out for months now .

As with the Android version, the iOS app connects via Wi-Fi to AfterBurner and RemoteServer (Warning: RAR file) utilities that you install on your PC. The app allows you to keep tabs and even alter a whole host of graphics card functions, including temperature, voltage, fan, clock and shader speeds and more. Just an FYI, while MSI told The Verge that Afterburner should work with any discrete graphics card on a Windows-based machine, the company says that only MSI products are guaranteed to function fully with the app.

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