MSI Touts WS60 as World's Thinnest and Lightest Mobile Workstation



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About laptop workstations and/or servers in general..

Almost all that fit into those category(s) only have the battery there to preserve the system settings in sleep mode while the laptop goes from place to place; such as during a commute to work or school.

Sure the MSI one is small and the battery is limited, but take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of size and weight.

I own a Eurocom 12 core server; one of the largest and heaviest on the current laptop market. Again, technically the battery is only there to preserve settings and all. If one were to use it with W7, technically the run time would be less than one hour - even though there's plenty of room for a battery in there.



+1 jgrimoldy

Maybe it doesn't come with a battery?

Specifically my thought was: Is it field replaceable? since not all ultrabooks have batteries that you can replace on the fly...

Is it not specified? or did you just forget to mention it Paul?



Sounds nice, but what sort of battery life are we talking? Also, what's the weight of the external power-brick? This can't be cavalierly ignored with a portable workstation. 60 minute battery life and a 3 lb. brick (guessing on both) could dull the shine on this a little...