MSI Takes Stab at Bare Bones PC Market with Nightblade



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I just had a fractal node 304 build with a silverstone modular powersupply and a short cable kit, the cable management is awesome basically hardly visible when you go this route. I like the look of this msi but the no need optical drive and the msi standard powersupply would probably kill it for me. When you go modular, one ssd only, no optical and custom cables man do you have the cleanest possible build next to say an alienware x51 where the cabling is custom and built for that case only. Of course I have a 780gtx which an x51 cant do!! Same goes for falcon tiki etc, those standard powersupplies have too many cables and too much length look real bad when the pretty case doors are removed!!!



How could an mITX board utilize 2 graphics cards? Or is the assumed use for other cards with converters of some sort?



I'll wager its a dual I/O slot chassis for double slot cards (the majority of performance ITX cases are this way). It could also support the DTX form factor, but those seem to have gone the way of the dodo...



It can fit two full size video cards, but the only cards worth a CrossfireX config, or SLI, won't run together on a 600W PSU. Scaling two cards that might run on a 600W PSU is a waste of money that could be spent on a solitary higher performance card.



$599 is a tough sell. A Fractal Node 304(or any comparable case), PSU, and mobo can be had for about half of that.



$599 seems like an awful lot of money considering what comes with the chassis. You may not be able to get just an empty chassis and build your own from the ground up but there are plenty of ITX chassis out there to choose from that look just as nice as this one. I'd prefer to shop around for my parts and do the entire build myself. It's not worth keeping up with the Jones' in this case, IMO.



I'll be the first to say. I'm not big on the SFF cases, but this one looks sick. Curious to see how well the Genie overclocking works, but that just takes the fun out of it.